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Masquerade Wikipedia.
Masquerade German band, a band with Drafi Deutscher that had a hit in 1984 with the song Guardian" Angel." Masquerade Swedish band, a Swedish rock band. Masquerade Eric Saade album, or the title song, 2010. Masquerade Golden Dawn album, 2003.
Masquerade ball Wikipedia.
The video game" Assassin's' Creed II" has a series of missions called Carnevale set during" Venetian Carnival" where the primary objective is to gain access to one of the more prestigious masquerade balls ending in the mission called Having a Blast which primarily takes place in the masquerade ball.
Masquerade Definition of Masquerade by Merriam-Webster.
Examples of masquerade in a Sentence. Noun She could not keep up the masquerade any longer. although she was deeply bored, she maintained a masquerade of polite interest as her guest droned on Verb He was masquerading under a false name.

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