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Lace Wikipedia.
5 But since lace evolved from other techniques, it is impossible to say that it originated in any one place. The late 16th century marked the rapid development of lace, both needle lace and bobbin lace became dominant in both fashion as well as home d├ęcor.
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Post the Definition of lace to Facebook Share the Definition of lace on Twitter Time Traveler for lace. The first known use of lace was in the 13th century. See more words from the same century. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster.
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The German release was a UK import. Both Lace and Lace II were released on DVD through the Warner Archive Collection in 2010, but Lace II was discontinued a few months later. Lace was followed by a two-part sequel, Lace II, which aired on ABC from May 56, 1985.
lace Wiktionary.
English Wikipedia has an article on.: lace light fabric. UK, US IPA key: /les/. Etymology 1 edit. From Middle English lace, laace, las, from Old French las, from Vulgar Latin laceum, based on Latin laqueus. lace countable and uncountable, plural laces.

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