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ClickPress, Fri Mar 15 2019 Tungsten carbide is a compound consisting of tungsten and carbon atoms in equal parts. Tungsten Carbide Band Saw Blade Market Dynamics, Segments, Size and Demand, 2018 to 2026. When tungsten for example is used in an oxidising atmosphere, tungsten oxide forms and the heating element deteriorates.
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Diamonds are the only things harder than some tungsten alloys. One of the most common, and hardest, tungsten compounds is tungsten carbide. Because of its strength when made into compounds, tungsten is used to harden saw blades and make drill bits.
Tungsten is also used as the filament in halogen tungsten lamps. These lamps use halogens like bromine and iodine to prevent the tungsten filament from degrading and are therefore more energy efficient than standard incandescent light bulbs. High speed steel which can cut material at higher speeds than carbon steel, contains up to 18% tungsten.
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Much tungsten goes into the production of tungsten steels, and some has been used in the aerospace industry to fabricate rocket engine nozzle throats and leading-edge reentry surfaces. For information on the mining, recovery, and applications of tungsten, see tungsten processing.
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1990 April 7, Ivan Amato, Getting a feel for atoms: magic wrist takes scientists into a new sensory realm, in Science News 1.: So far they have built and used a prototype robot to make millionth-of-a-meter scratches in aluminum with a fine tungsten needle. A light bulb containing tungsten.
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Tungsten was discovered by Fausto and Juan Jose de Elhuyar in 1783 at Spain. Origin of name: from the Swedish words" tung sten" meaning" heavy stone" the origin of the symbol W is" wolfram" named after the tungsten mineral wolframite.
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tungsten t-stn Kids Definition of tungsten.: a grayish white hard metallic chemical element used especially for electrical parts as for the fine wire in an electric light bulb and to make alloys as steel harder. tungsten t-stn Medical Definition of tungsten.:
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Tungsten is commonly alloyed with carbon forming tungsten carbide which has a very high melting point and increased hardness. It is used in high-strength applications, such as furnaces, missiles, dental drills and other cutting tools. The symbol for tungsten, W, comes from tungstens Latin name Wolfram.
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For example, the strength of the Tungsten metal that people are comparing to the strength of titanium. Some jewelry companies have combined Tungsten metal with Carbon in order to create a metal called Tungsten Carbide that is so strong it can be only surpassed by the strength of diamonds.

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